What to do? have psychology degree, but only work experience is via telemarketing and all of the good jobs are

recruited via recruitment agencies. who require that you have experience in an industry before placing you in that industry. therefore i am only put forward for telemarketing jobs, and in order to get results i have to behave in a way that is totally alien to my natural state of being (180 degrees). every day is putting on a persona and acting until i wald out the door, and i am tired! can anyone give me any tips on how to discover and get into a career path that does suit and utilise my natural abilities and appitudes. please dont suggest that i do a course. i have just spent four years at uni, and that has cost me thirty grand and opened no doors, so i dont even have the money to spend on courses

Go back to that university that you spend thirty grand at and use their career counseling services!

They can help you discover what you are interested in doing with your degree and can give you pointers on where to go to get a job.

I know it seems like a catch 22 that all companies require experience but how can you get experience until you get a job. Keep your head up, it will happen if you have the drive to do it! Many companies are willing to give new workers a try if they interview well and show initiative. Don't take no for an answer. Not hiring? Send a resume anyway so that when they are, they'll have yours.
Telemarketing sucks. Forget that. With a degree in psychology, why don't you want to become a psychologist? If you like this website, then being a psychologist or school counselor should be right up your alley. You obviously want to help people , right? That sounds very rewarding to me , and the money's not bad either. Good luck to you,
Go And Volunteer In A Mental Health Setting. This Should Update Your Experience In Psychology. Do Not Quit Your Job You Have Now, Unless You Are Financially Allowed To Quit. The Bills Will Just Pile Up On You,And You May Fall Into Depression If You Are Not Working.This Will Not Help Your Work Record With A Gap In It! You May Want To Try Internship With Your Local Community College.
You know it's in your temperament, volunteer.

Yes, it will be stressing, but only until you adjust.
Volunteer at the hotlines, at the public clinics.

With your degree and your call center "People" skills, they will be kissing your feet as you say "hey? can I help out?"

Then guess what? Holy crud! it's experience!!!

Resume time!!

Employers understand that you didn't get a job because of no experience, heck they didn't hire a ton of people who were behind you for the very reason.... but now after volunteering, you had real field experience with live human beings.. you have now been tried and tested..

Not to mention all the networking possibilities.

You volunteer and rub elbows with the doctors, who get to know you, and would prefer to hire you over people they don't know....
Don't be afraid to open up the yellow pages. There are tons of non-profit and community based organizations that are always looking for counselors, social workers, and youth workers. Let them know you background and ask them for an opportunity to showcase your skills. Internships after college is common, so take one with in a private psych. office if the opportunity exists. Don't limit yourself or rely on staffing agencies. The opportunities are endless. You can do a lot with your degree:

Police Officer
Probation Officer
Activity Leader
Market Research Analyst
School Counselor
Job Developer Assistant
Customs/Immigrations Officer
Admissions Evaluator
Vocational Counselor
Public Health Statistician
Financial Aid Director
Program Developer
Child Psychologist
Corrections Officer
Community Relations Director
Counselor: Alcohol/Drug
Guidance Counselor
Social Worker

Good luck!
I don't know if you are in a large city or small town, but you could get a job in a rehab clinic as an assistant of some type, hospital assistant in psych ward, home for unwed mothers, work with a rehab dept placing retarded people in jobs, work with elderly in many types of jobs (recreation, transport, daily care etc.) Work in a nursing home, work as a probation officer(take a state test) work as a prison guard (take a test- good Pay), join AmeriCorps, work for a school district as a tutor or one on one teacher of truant students, work as a sub teacher(usually just a B.A. is required), work with battered women or men in a shelter) work for a state Dept of Rehab., join a Univ. as a research asst., work on a college campus as a counselor or Head of a Dorm Program.

Like all jobs in the helping professions, these things generally don't pay well. But, they are a start. You've got to start someplace. Just get a job in a field where you can help people (I hope you like people) and you will start making contacts with others in the field and see other opportunities. You will have a chance to see what kinds of things you really like and what interests you can persue. Start working, and get on with life and then you will find your way. Don't return to school for an advanced degree until you know why you want it and what you are really going to do with it.

It's hard to believe that you graduated without doing any internships. If you did what did you like to do and not like re them? Talk to old college professors and also find out what your psych classmates are doing and go to the placement center for your college. Good luck. Nothing is easy.
Hey I was in the same position a couple of months ago. I had worked at a call center to put myself through school and was worried when it came time to get a job that implemented my degree and associated knowledge. I got lucky and stumbled upon the entry opportunity that has been the best thing ever for me. I work in PSR (Psycho-Social Rehabilitation). This can be either in or out of the school setting, but I personally have an in-school case and I love it. I work with kids in the educational setting who have behavior problems that severly disturb the regular classroom setting and have now also set back their individual learning curve. It's a challenging, but extremely rewarding job and it's full of educational and experience-gaining opportunities every single day. There are over 30 different PSR agencies in my town, so I'm sure there's many you could get in touch with in your area and for the most part they are open to recent graduates with little to no field-related experience if you can impress them on a personal note. Give it a go and stay positive.

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