Is managemant considered as an art? if not why?

objective or subjective both would do. pls thank you.

I think they teach management as a science. There are methods and procedures. But in practice, I have found that people have to have a knack for it. It is really a matter of personality. Some people wh are managers give the impression that they are not managing people. I have aso worked with some great managers who were very personable. A few could tell you that you were full of it to your face and you still felt good about yourself. I guess what I am saying is, it takes what is called class.
yes, b/c it certainly isn't a science, and is too complicated to be a skill
Just as in most other fields, good management is based on applying basic skills that have proved to work in organizations over an extended time.

In some rare instances, it is not necessary to learn these basic skills to become a good manager. Some people have an innate ability to engage in good management practices based on there own common sense and work experience.

However, most people need to be trained extensively to understand the complexity and subtlety of human interaction, for, in fact, good management is the result of apply good interpersonal practices.

After one has learned these skills, he can then apply them based on his own personality and creative notions.

That's where the art comes in. First, one needs to learn the basic management skills. Then, he must apply those skills in a manner that fits his personality.

Just like any other profession.
It's more of a craft, because anyone who listens well, and follows the procedures correctly can master it.

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