"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" ( Russel Kirk) do you agree with that statement?

"without knowledge of fear, we can not know order in personality or society. fear is an in electable part of the human condition.if fear is lacking, hope and aspirations fail. if fear were wiped out altogether from our lives, we would be desperately bored, longing for old and new terrors. there are things which we rightly ought to fear if we are to enjoy our dignity as men. to fear to commit evil, to hate what is abominable, is the mark of manliness" (RUSSEL KIRK)

I agree.Fearless people make excellent fools.
fear of an imaginary god, is pure stupidity.
Well if you fear God it means you have a conscience and do worry that maybe your soul is in jeapardy.

That's not a bad thing in this world.

Is it the beginning of wisdom? You bet. There is much wisdom to be learned from God.

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