This is interesting, Does the way you actually ask Question matter so much?

I mean normally on religion and spirituality, People can show their anger in the question and normally the replies are angry too. But when the Question become softer, so do the anwers. Check this out,;...

Yes, the words you use, the perceived tone of all affects the kind of and even number of answers you might get. Ofcourse, also depends on the "kind" of people browsing answers that same time, young, old, sensitive, tough, wise etc etc. but.generally, I have noticed that the way you ask a question matters a great deal.
Heck that's weird b/c almost every answer in that category is harsh. Trust me i've been there.
Duh. Everybody knows that.

With all due respect, Claudia didn't ask a question. She opted to use this forum as a personal soap box. Personally I have no problem with that even if the guidelines do frown on it. The important thing is to recognize a question from a speech or rant.

You do realize that an answer can be no better than the question asked. It took me a long time to realize the truth in that concept.

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right.

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