WHO'S the one person you cannot do without?

my love
My life coach Linda.
My sister. I am a little wierd and she is wierder and it makes me feel better knowing I am not the wierdest.
Human Being-My son Jordan.
But also, God.
My children. I use to cry all day and couldn't get out of bed when ever my ex would take my son for the week. Now I don't cry but I miss him all day long. Now he only visits him so much (not because of me). When they stay the night with their grandparents I miss them like crazy. I can't imagine my life with out them.
My kids.
this girl, but i dont think she really knows how i feel
I have more than one:
- my husband (my best friend)
- our children (all four)
Myself...I need myself.as well as God.
I suppose I COULD do without ANYONE if I HAD to. I once THOUGHT I couldn't live without my husband, but when he died (10 years ago) I realized that I COULD live alone and be relatively happy with the situation.

Howeve, the one person I would hate to be without the most is my current boyfriend/fiance.
He is the most remarkable human being I have ever met - in so many ways! His beautiful personality can smooth over life's toughest wrinkles. He has all the wonderful positive qualities I have sought in others throughout the years and never found before. (And, if, by some miracle, I could have my late husband back alive and well, I would have to decline the offer and STILL choose my current guy!)
the cashier at mcdonalds
My girlfriend, and God

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