my husband tried to quit - it was 5 days that he was sober (the longest he has been sober in a year) and then he went and got a bottle of hard liquor today. i don't know how to react. should i just not react? should i just let him deal with it and not say anything?

he's having a relapse, and maybe you should put him in rehab if it really bothers you alot. It takes alot of positivity from the people around him to know that he can succeed in kicking alcohol out of his life. When he is sober, tell him how much more you like it, and praise him for being sober.
As someone with a gambling problem, I can only point you to Al-Anon. If you live near a metropolitan area, there should be a chapter you could join.

I did the same thing your husband did only with gambling. I would quit for a few days only to go right back. He should try Alcoholics Anonymous, individual therapy or whatever it takes to quit.
Honey, he ain't gonna quit. I haven't quit but I have been able to control my intake since I had a DUI conviction last year. If he loses his job(s) or gets abusive run away while you're still able to tread water or he will pull you down with him, trust me on this one.
i am from a family full of alcohoism, they are not able to quit on there own. you need to find numbers for your local AA groups. and then they will help you with other help such as rehab. it is not going to help to scream, plead, cry. drinkers quit when there ready and it sounds like he has a big problem. if he is not ready to quit it is best for you to become a part of alanon it is a related group to aa but for family members affected by alcohol. i spent the last 25 years taking care of my mother who was a horrible drunk and she now has 1 year and 4 months sober. it is a long road and i wish you the best of luck.

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