What re the principles of psychology as a science?

There are many, but I'd say an underlying theme is that we (being science-based) use the scientific method. In other words, we identify a problem, formulate a hypothesis, test our hypothesis, and try and disprove ourselves (rejecting our null hypothesis) rather than seek support for our questions. We try to illuminate our questions, rather than just answering blindly.

There's many more, but that's just my .02.
it is the study of the soul. see myth of Psyche.
Freud uses free talk so you will find out what is troubling you - psychoanalysis.
psychology studies the behavior one has facing a situation, the reason why we act in a certain way, how people are conditioned to do things, All about the human brain. it is not a 100% science such as chemistry or math which can be prouven right. it's a human science which all theories could be wrong.but very interesting...

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