Is it normal to be afraid to be aggressed by a picture on the net. it happens tome often when i'm directed to

a new link, i open it with my hand on my eyes.

I know sometimes I hold my breath, especially if I have to find a picture of something that could so easily be misconstrued. That's why I love the safesearch options on google.
Cowardy cowardy custard,,,,,
i am afraid of pictures of my wife
Yeah thats why I only go to about 10 trusted sites these days.
What's to be afraid of? Is your computer screen magic?; does it let pictures jump out at you? If not, then why cover your eyes. What kind of pictures are you looking at? Pornography, graphic news pictures from Iraq? Whatever it is, covering or averting your eyes will do no good because you are going to eventually look at the picture anyway to study it and see if it is really that bad.
Definitely not normal to be afraid of your computer... unless you're 70+ years old.

It wont bite. Just close the window and move on. And if it's just naked people or sex(not with animals or something crazy), then you've got more problems than a computer. You've got a problem with nature, itself.
Im afraid of pictures of your wife too!
Well I don't know I don't run into any evil sites...

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