What would you do if you were the oppisite sex?

in my psych class we were given an project we had to partnen with some one of the oppisite sex and determine what they would be like if they were a diffrent gender. It turned out I would be a co.ck tease. what would you be like?

I couldn't actually answer this from an unbiased perspective, so I'll just go with my first instinct. I would spend as much time in shower rooms as was inconspicuous and I would avoid getting pregnant...EVER.

Now, I can't say that I wouldn't want to benefit financially, so (assuming I was a little hotty) I would probably try to get cozy with a rich guy. Maybe an old one with a weak heart. Then, after he kicked (don't worry, I'd treat him well while he was still alive. I'm not heartless, after all), I would pursue a career as an independent recording engineer/musician/vocalist directly from my beach house in Japan, where I would also employ and house my own personal arsenal of sushi chefs to cater my sake parties.
yeah...i would act like i had a gun and shoot it everytime i had the chance
I would play with my penis all day
If I were a girl i would be a lesbian
more sex
Try and use that time to understand how the female mind and heart works. All the lessons and questions are no match for some on the job training.
I'd pee standing up.

I think I'd be a total perv!
It would be tempting to use the sexual power that women have, but I think I would have fun dressing up, with no make-up, and acting like a real lady. PS I don't fantasize about this stuff-you asked!
normal like everyone else
Groan! As awful as it sounds, I think I'd have no social life at all. A shy girl gets away with a lot, coz she still gets asked. But it's death if you're a guy and you're shy. I'd have to wait for girls to ask me out! lol.
I think I'd be a bachelor until I was about 45. I'd be more concerned about my career than marriage and children. Then I'd get me a trophy wife, have a few kids and get ready to retire.
What a dumb class project. So what does your dumb instructor want to proof? That men can think like women and women can think like men, or that women don't need men and so on?

What a waste of money to take the class.

To answer your question, I would be a geeky psychological deficient teacher.
I would get laid constantly, because girls are allowed to ask people for sex

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