What makes you a kind person?

I've always been a very kind person, but lately people who are opportunistic have told me that I'm not kind because I don't give in to their demands, so I kind of wonder if I'm kind any more.
I think of others before myself.
I'm a very kind person to those who deserve it. What makes me so? Well that's how I'd like to be treated.
Because Karmas a bit-h!!
Nothing. Sometimes we do kind things, sometimes we don't. You cant be a person who is kind all the time. your mood and personality is ever changing.
We do things for other people because it makes us feel good, no other reason. So in conclusion I guess you could say a kind person is someone who often gets a kick out of helping others,xx
I think of others before me, I respect other people, including people who are older than me. I had two good parents when growing up, I grew up in a christian religion and it just comes natural to me. There was nothing in my life, as I was growing , that would make me the opposite way. But in some ways, I am a mystery, however.
I always have enough time to listen, am willing to help, and try to compliment people everyday.
Cheers, love!
My nature, also I was taught to be kind, generous and willing to show compassion. Not that, I at times have been a pain in the rear, but it easier to be kind then mean. Just when I can get back at someone for being mean to me I tend to walk away and not be tempted to start a war due to some hurt feelings or am angry.

My parents are the influence on that part.

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