How to overcome bad habit of hunching in public?

When I'm in public, I get so self conscious I start to hunch. And when I make a conscious effort to stand straight, I feel really stiff and uncomfortable. How do I relax and maintain a tall, pretty posture?

I Know for a fact I'm not ugly..I just feel like shrinking...

I have this too and I thing that it's the bodys reaction to the public. I don't thing it will go away unless you become less self consious
Why not try going to a chiropractor? If you get adjusted a little, it might feel better to sit up straight. Also, remember that if you are worried about people looking at you, it's always more attractive to be sitting up straight. It may just take you some time to get used to it. I don't think there's really any secret trick that will make it better. You just have to do it.
God Bless=)

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