How can I become a more entrusting person??

the way i do it is that i give every person an equal amount of trust because i dont know anything about them starting when i see them.

just the fact that i dont know them tells me that i should not judge them for anything until i see what they do or anything that would change my opinion for them.
when you can understand yourself...
I wish I knew. Im really paranoid and jealous. I just try to first only surround myself with people who have never lied to me and try not to act on suspicions; if they don't give you any reason not to trust them, odds are you can. Wish I could be more help.
By biting the bullet and allowing control of a situation to someone else, someone who you want to trust.

Problematically, not everyone is worth trusting. But you shouldn't make those who are suffer as a result of a reluctance to trust. Make the people who reward your trust your friends, and those who do not - otherwise!

Good luck!
First ask yourself why you lost trust. What happened before, and what were the factors? Did you contribute anything to the event? Was the event within your control, or outside of it? Can you honestly generalize that what happened will have the same results when all the factors were brought together again? If you said no to those questions, you need to get over your past and give a chance to the present to prove itself right. Be observant and analytical, so you can sense beforehand whether you are right to trust, or you should get out of the situation.
Trust is earned, it is your job to figure out how to trust and be trusted.
That's a difficult question. I have this mentality whenever I first meet new people to be king, polite, and respectiful while keeping in mind that everyone you meet is GUILTY until proven innocent.
Whenever you feel something in your gut about someone, always go with it. Now I don't know if that's what you meant by having trouble trusting people, but that's all the advice I've got.
Best wishes to you!

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