Am i going crazy? help!?

i was doing maths all day and at one point in a class i started laughing for no reason at all! i couldn't stop laughing, my pencil dropped from my hand, i had tears in my eyes. i tryed so hard to stop but that seemed to make the laughing even worse. my class mates later said that they were scared by this. after 10 mins or so i seemed to get hold of myself.

why did this happen? i wasn't really in a good mood and there was NO reason to laught!!

am i going crazy?? help me plz.

Some people do that when they are really stressed, and relieve themselves by laughing, even if they have no reason to laugh. I don't think you're going crazy you just must be really stressed out. Especially, if you have been doing the same schedule over and over. Get yourself some rest, or go out and do something for yourself. Good luck!
Are you getting enough sleep? That might explain things.
did you have another thought on your mind that made you laugh?? And no you are not crazy.
Don't be worried. It's okay to laugh. Even if there is no reason behind it. One time when I was in math class I laughed for no reason. And it seemed that I began laughing at the Meir fact I was laughing. It lasted for about 15 min. I couldn't control myself, but that's because I began to laugh and it made me laugh. I guess I'm not making very much sense. Think about it like domino's. One laugh caused many until the domino's were all gone.

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