Surgery phobic? How do I stop being scared of surgery?

I might have to get surgery and that scares me.

well for one, i'd be more afraid of NOT having surgery that i need. and second of all, they're gonna knock you out for anything major, meaning you wont even feel it. take a deep breath, just think of anyone you know who's had surgery, and the fact that they're fine now. maybe watch some shows about surgery on the Discovery Channel, or TLC. people get surgery every day and move on with their lives, and so will you. you'll be ok, just relax and let it go. no point in worrying about things beyond your ability to change.
If my doctor told me I might need surgery, I would research the condition/disease I had extensively so that I would know everything there is to know about this type of surgery.

There is something called "watchful waiting", wherein you postpone surgery, if your condition/disease is not life-threatening, to watch how aggressively your condition/disease is progressing. One reason for "watchful waiting" is that surgeries/treatments/drugs to treat them improve every year, and if your health is relatively good at the moment, you may be doing yourself a favor to wait.

I would also research the doctor extensively to ensure that s/he does not have a few malpractice suits against them.

To sum up my answer, I wouldn't be scared of the surgery if I had the surgery knowing full well what to expect, good and bad, from the surgery and the doctor.

Good luck. I sincerely hope you do not have to have surgery.
man up... otherwise, ask the doctors for some kind of anxiety medicine to take prior to coming in for surgery(this may not be an option, but worth asking). I think most guys are scared of anything medical.
I was scared when I had surgery. But, it's really not all that bad. You'll be knocked out during it. Just go in there and face it. Maybe if you can bring music, bring some in and listen to it. Maybe that will help. I should of thought of that.

The only bad part of my surgery is I couldn't eat breakfast, so I was starving all morning. But think about what would happen is you don't get surgery. It could be something fatal.
Is this the first? It's normal. I was surgery phobic for my fifth surgery (yeah I was one perpetually ill little kid!). It's what comes after the surgery that bites (pain, nausea, etc).
you dont. its a natural, instinctual fear and there really isnt any way of stopping it. you can cope with it, which is REALLY hard, but more doable.

What I did was I made sure that I knew as much as possible before going in so I knew exactly what the risks were and the chances for things to go badly. I also gave myself time to freak out well in advance, then when it came right down to it, I told myself "whatever is going to happen is going to happen and i have no control"

it actually helped. and here i am.
are you sure it was surgery phobia?... i kNO it is not...because i have studied them.

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