What can I do to be more optimistic and less scared?

You must come to the realization that the fear that you feel is worse than what actually happens, try doing what ur scared to do instead of thinking about it , and once u see ur not dead or embarrased in anyway u can do more and be more optimistic
Dare to be!!!!!!!!
keep an open mind, try new things..
be able to dare!
follow old school rules
1)take it easy policy
2)ignore others who make fun of you
3)when you lost,or ruined continiously tell one magic sentence daily.game is not over, i still have my shot
accept & live new beliefs. it's the only way to lift off X-)
Change your habits of thinking. Habits can be "good" or "bad" depending on how you establish them. So the idea is to identify your bad habits and train yourself to stop doing them. Then decide what your new habits will be and train yourself to start practicing them.

1) Identify the thoughts that you have that make you scared and negative. When you have such thoughts, ask yourself "Is this concept about myself really valid?", "Do I really need to feel this way about myself", "Is this idea realistic?" You will eventually find that you have habits of thinking negative things about yourself.

2) Plant new habits of thinking. How do you want to view yourself? What concepts of yourself do you want to have? What positive thoughts do you actually have about yourself (but have been disregarding )? Identify these thoughts and allow yourself to realize that they are valid and accurate perceptions of yourself.

Another important thing is to be careful about what influences you have in your life. If you surround yourself with people who participate in maintaining your negative feelings and fear, then you are not helping yourself. Choose your social influences carefully.
Hi Jenny, this is a quote that I remembered from a few years ago. "You must have a good time meeting people if you expect them to have a good time meeting you".
Dale Carnegie

How you get to that place, is a mindset. Most of the things that you do, are done to help or assist someone or something along. So in doing this you are making a positive difference to people or things around you. That alone can give you an optimistic outlook on life. You could make a list of your concerns and another list of things that you can influence within those concerns, think about how you can influence them and what impact it will make on you. Work on the easy stuff first..

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