Why and how do people laugh?

..People laugh as an instinctive reaction to something surprising, something unexpected. It could be a thought, an insight, a physical scene, a way of talking...it rings true but it's not what they thought it would be. Also, it can't be horrible, threatening or tragic - or the reaction would be fear or sadness. When people react to something of this nature, they say it's funny or humorous.

Listen to the punch lines of jokes...you'll see the joke teller leads you along and then the punch line is effective because it makes sense, but it's not what you expect.

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Laughter is the physical phenomenon that occurs when we experience something we perceive as humorous. A statement, an act, a behavior, an event; any stimuli that creates glee in us. Everyone has different definitions for what they find humorous. Genuine laughter is spontaneous. It really is a reflection of an individuals concept of any dynamic or event that concludes with a different outcome that the one sought. For instance: why is it so funny to so many individuals when they see someone slip on anything, (banana peel) and fall on their butt. I think that is very funny. However, if the slipper suffers an injury from that accident, I will be the first to offer assistance. The slipper usually finds the event humorous as well.

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