Am I having a mid midlife crisis? (joking, but serious!)?

I'm about to be 26 and I'm really depressed about my upcoming b-day.?!

No you just have stinkin' thinkin'. You are probably thinking you should have had this and this and this and that by the ripe old age of 26. Just about the time that you think things are really bad, they change and get really good. Change yourself and things will get better. Make your own self happy. Others will never do it for you.

Now, I'm 62 which is 26 backwards. Let me tell you that the Lord has been good to me. Take care!
Just normal. We all get depressed about getting older.
No, you're not having a mid-life crisis. Technically, there is no such thing. What you are probably experiencing is just an evaluation of how your life is going and maybe it is not where you thought it would be at this age. We compare ourselves to others at the same age and our society places norms which we think we should live up to at certain ages. Try not to focus on what is bad about being 26 and what you wish you had. Instead, think of all the things you have to look forward to and work toward in your life. Enjoy being young.
DATE A YOUNGER GUY ! let him in your life, he will listen to you pains, he will reassure your youth, he will listen to your problems and never judge you,,he will reassure you about your looks,your emotions,your character,your sexual life, he will make you feel good about your goals, he will break you from your own cycle of thoughts and life, he will rekindle the passion back into your life, and when he is done with all this you dump him and look for someone more mature,,,sorry im a little bitter, why do women do this ?
Naw, relax, women have their midlife crisis in their 40's and 50's.
Everybody has mood swings every now and then haha.

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